Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well done Manchester United - let's move onto a real sport

With the risk of incurring my dads wrath, I have to say that Manchester United actually deserved to win last night - so a big 'well done'.

Now I'm not a big footie fan, but that was a damned good game and both United and Chelsea put 100% effort into it. It was a shame for Chelsea that it came down to penalties but, gosh, bet you were all on the edge of your sofa's as each player stepped up to the penalty spot!

Anyhow, that's all over now...the real sports on this weekend....the Monaco Grand Prix.
I'm hoping Lewis Hamilton has a bit of luck. And he may need it! While he's driving with Mclaren, he has my backing & I'll be cheering him on.

The one I'll really be cheering for is David Coulthard. It's his home turf, and the guy is a genius. I hope he gets in the points. Jenson Button needs to give Honda a massive kick up the arse. I think he should stay with them; they will develop into a great team (look at what Michael Schumacher did for Ferrari).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where's May gone??!!

Hi folks

Sorry we've been a bit quiet on here. I had a few issues with rejigging my spam filters and the botched job that is XP SP3. That was the first time I've had an issue with a service pack. Now if I was being cynical, I'd have said that Microsoft were doing their damndest to put people off XP and upgrade to Vista. But I'm not cynical - there's a heck of a lot they packed into it so I shouldn't be too surprised that there were some wibbly things going on.
Anyways, email is back to normal now folks.

OK, I've added a little poetry corner. Anybody got a request, let me know the poet or the poem & I'll add it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, dependant on how you like the idea.
I've put one of my poems on for the time being.

I've more pictures to add from last weekend. We went down to St James Park because it's our favourite park in London and it was such a lovely day. I'll add them later this week.

Chat soon

Friday, May 02, 2008

Emily's Christening Photo's

As promised, here are Emily's Christening photo's. (Due credit to Cathie for being the 'official' & pretty damned pro photographer). First off, we'd like to thanks to Mina, the reverend at St Johns in Stanmore for all the support and advice she gave us. And to top dog Reverend Alison Christian, thanks so much for another excellent service. I know some of you may not be Christians, but believe me, these girls really made Emily's introdution to God such a loving and caring experience. The congregaton at St Johns are a wonderful lot as well. I say this because if you'd have been there when Emily was being dunked, you would understand it if I said that Emily exercised her full volume of lung capacity! Yep, she raise the roof!!

As you can see, she was as happy as larry before the service. She's used to getting dressed up on Sunday mornings so she wasn't too perturbed about the imminent soak!!

OK then, the God Parents, Denise & Tim are in church as well...there's something there that looks suspiciously like a bath....where's the yellow duck???

Yep, Emily had a holler, but with huggy and a dummy, she's quite at ease with the phantom dunker!!

Food time with parents & God parents. The food was great and the craic was, as ever fantastic.

We had two Lauras there as well; one from my side of the family, and one from Sharons. Sharon's Laura brought her beautiful son Matthew which was fantastic because he's such a joy. Both Laura's gave the day that youthful and loving feel.

Being serious (for once in my life!!) Thanks to Alison & Mina (the Reverends) for a wonderful service and baptism. Thank you also to Denise and Tim for being the God parents. Cathie, thanks very much for the beautiful memories you captured for us.