Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Longworths

Here we are, ten o clock on Christmas Eve, the children all fast asleep after a day of fun & excitement, the house is quiet and organised ready for the morning……this is a moment of bliss I shall long remember.  Christmas really started for us at church service tonight and the walk home through the snow.

Now with the contented little dotes all snuggled down, it’s nice to reflect on a very emotional year. I lost my mum in September, and gained a daughter in November. Some people say that it was nice to have Lucy born so soon after my mum passed away.  I don’t think so.  Mum loved kids….I am gutted she never met Lucy..she would have adored her. Anyway, that’s a blog for another night..

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the girls with you anyway because they are really close to each other.  We really are blessed.





Well, Merry Christmas to one and all and have a stress free festive holiday.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update about Lucy and the rest of the clan

I thought I’d add a few more pictures of Lucy.  She’s doing really well and a picture of health.  She weighed 8lb 3 oz at last weigh in so she’s progressing at a good rate.
Emily doted on her from the first moment. Hannah took a couple of days, understandably, to come to terms with the new addition.  Now, they both love her so much, it breaks your heart to see them together.
What else has happened? Oh yes, Hannah danced in her first ballet lesson today.  She has gone down every week with Emily since we moved here, but until today, she sat with her mummy or daddy and watched…
Emily looked after her so well – forever the doting sister. Things are definitely going well for the Longworth clan in High Wycombe.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The kids

You know, as the days go by, the more I look at Lucy, the more I think she looks like Emily at that age. Take a look…
Here’s Emily in 2006 at one day old…
and here’s Lucy in 2010 at one day old…….
Apart from Lucy having more hair, they are so identical in my eyes. 
One thing that binds all the kids though, is that Emily Hannah and Lucy are so loving and cuddly.
& our beloved Hannah. She is going to be such a heartbreaker with her blonde hair and big blue eyes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The new addition to the Longworth’s

Hi everyone. Sharon and I are proud to tell you all that Lucy Jane Longworth arrived in the world yesterday, 15 November 2010.  She weighed 7lb 8oz.  Sharon and Lucy are both healthy and back home with us.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Emily’s Ballet Debut

Emily had her debut ballet performance at a packed out Wycombe Swan Theatre tonight and made me and Sharon very proud. She wasn’t nervous and danced her little ballet shoes off…

…now wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but I took this one of her before the show…


Monday, September 06, 2010

Off to France (part 2)

Well, we didn’t really do as much travelling as we usually get up to whilst on holiday. That was mainly due to Sharon being 31 weeks pregnant, but also partly because the area around St Jean De Mont was stunning, made moreso by the fantastic weather.

All the beaches down the Vendee region are fantastic. They were sandy and clean, with the occasional rockpools to keep the girls occupied with their favourite ‘Peppa Pig’ moment

100_3866 I thought I’d add this picture of the front of the Siblu parc….can’t think why, but it seemed a good idea…..

100_3886 Sharon, the big kid, having a cuddle on Pirate Night100_3899 Emily had such a late night on her birthday…100_3901 100_3902 100_3910We went to a castle in Noirmoutier. Its on an island that you can reach by either a road accessible during low tide, or an impressive bridge akin to the one at Dartford. 000_0065

000_0070000_0080000_0084000_0083 Emily and Hannah both enjoy their dancing and showing off..


…and the swimming.. 100_3946 100_3920 100_3934 100_3938 100_3940 And so back to Blighty…the weather may not be up to much, but it’s my home..bless.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Off to France

Hi all!

Well we finally made it over to France. We’re staying at another Siblu resort, but a bit further south than our normal Brittany haunts around Pont Avon and Quimper. We opted for Le Bois Dormant in the Vendee area because we thought the further south you go, the hotter it’ll be. And I got to say, it was the right option! The weather is wonderfully sunny and warm/hot, beautiful long empty sandy beaches, and the resort is, well, typically Siblu………clean, organised and no bling in sight.

Anyway, the girls are all loving it………here they are………

100_3794 100_3813 100_3818 100_3820 100_3845 100_3847 100_3849 100_3822

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ruislip Lido July 2010

We went to Ruislip Lido on 11 July.  It surprised me because its only about 40 minutes away at a nice steady drive.  We love it there because its got everything; free parking, a beautiful picnic area, steam train, lovely lake, sanded beach, ducks, play park…ice cream stall…just a great day out…

100_3705 100_3724 100_3730 100_3732 100_3733 100_3734 100_3738 100_3748100_3763