Monday, March 16, 2009

Aldenham Park revisited

It was a wonderfully sunny day on Saturday, so it was time to get out and run the kids ragged! As tempting as it was to head into London again, we wanted to get them out into the countryside. Aldenham Park is a great day out. We've been there twice before with Emily and she loved it. Now it was Hannah's turn.

We started off with a lunchtime picnic by the lakeside. This picture doesn't really reflect how much the kids loved it; Hannah look asleep but she just wanted to get out!

It didn't take long before Emily got bored and started running round like a crazy horse!

Then off to feed the ducks.....

After that, we went to see the farm animals.....

We finished up at the play park to finish them off so we could get a decent nights sleep!!

As I said earlier, we'd been there a couple of times before. It's really good value and a fantastic day out. £4 for the car park and that's it! For a full day out in the fresh air, lovely picnic area, a place to feed the ducks, a myriad of farm animals to go and see, a well tended area of childrens activities for all ages...., I'm not on commission from Aldenham Park; it's just one of those little gems that we need to share with you :-)
You may have noticed blurring on some of the pictures........thanks to Emily's first attempts at taking pictures and her insistance on holding it by the lens!!
I'll keep you posted on this weekends visit (where is yet undecided)