Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another trip to Aldenham Park

Last weekend, we went back to Aldenham Farm Park. We wet there back in the beginning of April and it was freezing!! This time it was perfect; nice and warm....and dry!

Aldenham is a great place to take the kids. It has farm animals, a great selection of play park activities, nice walks, a lake nearby with boats, and great areas for picnics. The toilet are clean and there is a little refreshments cabin as well. All the staff are friendly and the place just gives off the right kind of relaxed atmosphere. And the cost for all this? A £5 parking fee. That it; no hidden costs!

All the animals are in enclosures so it's safe to let Emily run about. She loves running between the enclosures of goats, geese, chickens etc

...and although she was scared of the pigs, she was fascinated by them.....

...but of all the things we did, she loved the play park most. It took us all our persuasive powers to lure her away for a picnic bythe lakeside!!!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take anymore photos; I was too busy chasing a certain giggling little madam around the place but, trust me, this is a fantastic day out.
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F1 in France

It's a little sad that the French Grand Prix may not be held at Magny-Cours next year. I know it's not a spectators circuit but, by heck, it's a fantastic race to watch on television. And the drivers love it too.

So - to the race. I think I must be a curse on F1. For years I was a Jordan fan, only for them to slide out of he sport. The only racing drivers I ever really got behind was Heinz Harald Frentzen, and Jenson Button! I should never have started suppoting Lewis Hamilton and Mclaren. I feel almost guilty because, if there is a fairness in the world, he should be way out ahead in the drivers standings. He did deserve the drive through but it broke my heart to admit it. I cannot understand why someone at Mclaren didn't get on the radio and tell hm to back off. They mus have known that the stewards would have looked into it; they had to do in the interests of fairness. I can't blame lewis; just can't find it in my heart to do it. The red mist must have settled over him as he had to try and make up a substantial amount of places.

Silverstones next, on 6th July. This is his home circuit. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both him and the team. Kovalainen did a pretty good job in France (4th) and I hope he can ride shotgun for Lewis at Silverstone. What a joy that would be; a 1 -2 for Mclaren!!

Sigh! I may have to support Ferrari for this to happen, knowing my luck!!

Big wow factors of the race - Jarno Trulli in a Toyota tank taking on & holding off some pretty big heavyweights. He proved he's not just a qualification king.

Big low points of the race - Jenson retiring again. BMW not converting a solid result from last race. Williams struggling at the rear of the field again.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Naomi Campbell

This is about the 17th revision to this entry. I was so appalled by Naomi Campbell's terrible attitude that I felt I had to write about it. But. on reflection, I thought it wasn't worth me getting angry about.

I'm keeping this thread because people have visited it & I didn't want to just delete it outright. I'm keeping the picture because I think it was really funny.

The British Airways Captain talks to a smiling celebrity

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A great short walk about London

At last, I've got off my fat ass and downloaded the pics from our camera. So, we went to London again in MAY...yes..last month and Emily had a great time

We started her off with the routine trip down to her play park, stopping off to make some daisy chains....

Then catch the Jubilee line to Westminster...

Through the front of Horseguards to see the horses......

Then round to the back where the Parades take place......a brilliant place for Emily to run around.....

After a runabout, it's across the road to our favourite park; St James'..........

The really great thing about this park is, apart from it being really well maintained, is that it's very family friendly. The waters have rails around and there's enough runabout areas for children to run freely. There's also loads of birds, ducks, swans, squirrels etc around for an animal lover like Emily.

Then there's the magnificant view of Lizzies house.......

Then a little walk down Victoria Embankment.........

....over to a little used, but beautiful park called the Victoria Towers Gardens. This is just to the side of the Queens entrance to the Houses of Parliament The great thing about getting to the par is strolling by the Thames & looking over to the London Eye, then past the magnficant Beg Ben and the Houses of Parliament. If you're not in London very much, it's worth noting that there's a fantastic statue of Queen Boudicca racing towards Parliament from the Big Ben side, and a magnificant statue of King Richard III on the Queens Entrance side. Then just thrown is the middle is some weird bloke called Oliver Cromwell. Best that way as far as I'm concerned!!!....

So that was our little day out. If you have kds and you're coming to London, I really recommend you take a few hours out to take this route. It's relaxing, you get to see loads, and you will tire the little ones out!!!!