Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Longworths

Here we are, ten o clock on Christmas Eve, the children all fast asleep after a day of fun & excitement, the house is quiet and organised ready for the morning……this is a moment of bliss I shall long remember.  Christmas really started for us at church service tonight and the walk home through the snow.

Now with the contented little dotes all snuggled down, it’s nice to reflect on a very emotional year. I lost my mum in September, and gained a daughter in November. Some people say that it was nice to have Lucy born so soon after my mum passed away.  I don’t think so.  Mum loved kids….I am gutted she never met Lucy..she would have adored her. Anyway, that’s a blog for another night..

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the girls with you anyway because they are really close to each other.  We really are blessed.





Well, Merry Christmas to one and all and have a stress free festive holiday.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update about Lucy and the rest of the clan

I thought I’d add a few more pictures of Lucy.  She’s doing really well and a picture of health.  She weighed 8lb 3 oz at last weigh in so she’s progressing at a good rate.
Emily doted on her from the first moment. Hannah took a couple of days, understandably, to come to terms with the new addition.  Now, they both love her so much, it breaks your heart to see them together.
What else has happened? Oh yes, Hannah danced in her first ballet lesson today.  She has gone down every week with Emily since we moved here, but until today, she sat with her mummy or daddy and watched…
Emily looked after her so well – forever the doting sister. Things are definitely going well for the Longworth clan in High Wycombe.