Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A kerfuffle

Hi folks. We're back online now & all settled in the new jobs & new home!! We had an absolute nightmare getting broadband sorted in the new address. BT threw a hissy because there was still an active MAC on the address.....then found out they were the culprits, then seriously arsed us around with cancellations & broken promises.

For a full month of arsing around - being on the phone daily for at least an hour, this was the routine hastle I went through.....whats your order number? your name? your address? no sorry sir, that order has been cancelled. why? I don't know..can I put you on hold while I find out? I'd either wait until the phone went dead (about an hour) or after 1/2 an hour or so, someone would say...can I have your order number? your name etc...then say the order had been cancelled and they would promise to ring me back within the hour or within 24 hours. They never did.

So I told them to shove it, went back to Tiscali cap in hand, and was connected within a week. I wish I'd never looked at BT. I'd even changed my line rental from TalkTalk to BT which I'm seriously regretting. I'm chained to them for 12 months, but as soon as that time has expired, I'll be moving away from them.

Well, we've a small backlog of entries to get through and I've sung BT's praises long enough now.

It's good to be back