Saturday, March 03, 2012

Springtime 2012

I know I’ve been quiet of late on the blog front……it’s mostly down to returning to work in January (no manpower, more work etc etc), sickness (kids sharing viruses and chickenpox) and preparing Sharon for detachment. Never mind….all is settling down now so back to updates on the rascals.
We went to Emily’s parents evening and, no surprise, she’s doing well. Well mannered yet shy and her reading is great. That's not surprising either considering the amount of stories we read! Her art is fantastic…she loves colours but is a bit of a perfectionist…which has lead to a couple of frustrated tears at times…bless.
Hannah has recovered from a horrible dose of chickenpox and a particularly nasty virus she still hasn’t fully shifted. Nevertheless she’s still a chirpy cheeky chappess full of love.
Lucy’s walking! Heaven help us! She has come on so much in the last month. She isn’t a baby anymore. In someways, it’s a shame as I’ve missed all of her first year and I’m left with this strong willed, loving and giggling kid! She has recovered from chickenpox now as well.
I know I’m going to be missing a chunk of occasions out since the last blog, but I’ve got to restart somewhere. I’ll revisit where I can because we’ve had awesome trips to Wales, Ireland, the North…..and had some wonderful times with friends and family. It would be a shame not to share them…
Oh..I’ve had a few problems with spam being dropped into my comments box, so I’ve put a filter on the comments now. Please still drop comments off tho…….