Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 2008

Finally, I managed to get the pictures loaded up! So where've we been? Well, we went to London Aquarium and London Eye (as mentioned in my last blog). London Aquarium was fantastic for Emily. I'd seriously recommend it if you have kids and visit London. Once you're inside, there's so many places she could run around and so much to see. That was definitely one of her best weekend treats! The queues are not too bad to get in either. Sadly we forgot our camera so I've only got some phone pictures that I'll post on at a later date.

Emily loved the London Eye. Again, she could run around, safe within the capsule and she absolutely loved seeing the red buses and the trains on the bridges.

After we went on the eye, we went to Covent Garden. She loves it round there with all the street performers, the crowds, the shops and stalls...she just loves new sounds, sights and smells. Sharon and I like there's pretty chilled; there's a 'Fat Face' shop there for Sharon and the music there for me. In the market area, there's usually a quartet playing outside the cafe's and I find it a nice little touch. There's also a geezer who plays guitar there who sells cd's of his own music and you know, he's very good. Another must place to see (& hear) if you're in London.

This weekend, we were going to go to the St Patricks day celebrations in Trafalgar Square, but with the poor weather forecast, it looks like we'll look for a drier activity.

Another option we had this weekend was for Battersea park childrens zoo. I loved my time living in Battersea and the park is beautiful; I just find it wierd that I never even knew the zoo existed until recently! We're going to go to London zoo soon as well sometime in the near furure. The last time we went there was in the 1990's with Sharons nieces, Laura & Elaine. I loved that day out. In fact, whenever those two came over, we always loved taking them out - I think it was an excuse for me and Sharon to be able to plausibly act like big kids as well!!!

As friends & family are now aware, Emily will be christened (Further details will be sent to you all soon), the god parents have been warned off, and we're looking forward to a really great day to come.

That good news was followed shortly after by some more good news about the change of venue for my next job...I'll be expecting people to come across...I'll get cheap hotel rates sorted out!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

March blog delayed

Hi folks.
Apologies, but March's first blog is delayed as it's not been possible to upload images tonight. I'll be looking at putting up a proper entry over the next few days. All's well with the clan - apart from the imminent date of departure for oth of us; Sharons new place of work (delayed until Feb 09 we think) and my world tour (still not confirmed but looking increasingly likely to be Oct 08). Emily continues to be a little angel. Her latest fad is smacking her forehead and shouting 'Doh!'. Wonder where she got that from??

We've done taking Emily around the parks in London now, and will probably leave them now until the weather gets a bit better. She absolutely loves running her wee legs off in them.
We've moved on to other attractions; last week was London Aquarium and this weekend we went on the London Eye (I'll chat about them in a later blog - great days out). Hopefully, by following our treks, you'll get to know the best places to see around London. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Peace & love