Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas 2010

Happy New Year to one and all.  Well, we had a fantastic festive period.  I was off work over Christmas and New Year so we made it extra special. All the festive period was great so I thought I’d share a few moments with you…
18 0810
Emily loves the snow…..this is her on the way back from the shops last month
18 0811
Emily and Hannah love their snowman..just as long as daddy makes it! The snowman is always called IC 1..(icy one)
19 1442
Emily and Hannah both enjoyed meeting Santa in Naphill. Where else would he be?! And then, on Christmas morning, I managed to get up earlier than the kids and get the house sorted out.   Emily and Hannah even saw Santa walking away from the house through the snow! The lucky girls!
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It was such a magical day and the kids loved it.  Their little faces lit up when they saw Santa, then came to the stairs lit up with fairies and down to all their presents. Just a lovely memory to keep.
On Boxing Day, we had a chilled time and just lazed the day away….We took a walk out to feed the birds and ducks at the local pond, and a quick snowball fight on the way back home.
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And the rest of the holiday period was just as chilled…
27 1810
27 1111
And I know that I’ve already shown this picture above, but here’s a close up of Hannah…..
26 04
And here’s Lucy with her grandad…just chilling…