Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hyde Park

We went to Hyde Park today. Cold? No - absolutely freezing!!! I was expecting to see polar bears running around the place!

Still, it was a great day out again and little Emily loved running around!

...and when she got cold and went for a rest..she stole her mummys gloves!!!!

It was a nice walk even though it was cold. We went from the top corner by Marble Arch to the Serpentine, then around to Princess Di's memorial and Kensington Palace. I think Hyde park is one of my favourite parks; and it's definitely one of Emilys! She had great fun with the ducks and squirrels, and absolutely loved all the horses and dogs.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moderating comments

Hi folks

Due to some people putting suspicious links on the blog, I'll have to moderate the comments. This is the second such instance and I don't want people visiting our happy little place getting directed to some dodgy or pervy site.

All it means when I'm moderating is that your comments will be sent to my email address and I'll stick them on the entry you want. That will hopefully deter the dodgy guys from here!

peace & love to you all

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A few more pictures of Emily

We're doing the touristy things around London....and the parks are a big must. Here's Emily & Sharon when we were walking through Horseguards on our way to St James's Park.....

...& in St James's Park...

.....& over to Regents Park.....

I know we've few more to do (but you gotta start somewhere!) so any suggestions gratefully received. We've done Battersea Park and our next one will be Hyde Park. We were going to do Primrose Hill today while we were at Regents Park, but (a) we thought it'd be nicer wihout the Baltic weather and (b) it would be nicer with a picnic!

Emily loves the parks and especially all the birds. She's a real animal lover. We take her up to feed the deer at Bentley regularly and then there's the ducks in Stanmore, and our cats!! She insists in helping to feed the cats at meal times - even though they are not too impressed with the over enthusiastic bundle of fun chasing them around the house with their food bowls!!!'s good exercise for them all!!

We went to the RAF museum a couple of weeks ago in our bid to kick start the museum trails around London and found out that Emily really didn't like the mannequins in the displays. Bless, she went running into the Battle of Britain part of the museum where they have displays of wartime England at the beginning. She took one look at the dummies, froze, said 'no', shook her head, ran back to daddy and buried her head in my jacket until we took her out. The things that freak people out.......

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Err....February then.....

we all have mad moments......
.........Februarys post will be forthcoming...
until then.....have a nice day!!!